The Clubhouse called Torre Tabernera is a stately mansion, built by the great Olegario D’ardena Taberner Montornes, Conde de Darnius, on the old “Castell Vell dels Montornes”, which was destroyed during the War of Succession, which gave the crown from Spain to Felipe V de Borbón.

On the main façade there is a inscription engraved in stone “VETUS HOC CASTRUM SIVE DOMOS ANTIQUA 1,718”, allows us to fix the date of the building of the house.

In its façade as an ornamental motif, there are six altarpieces of 2.60 by 1.50, made of pottery, in the Luis XIV style of the early 18th century. These six paintings, supposed by the numbering they carry, should be integrated into a collection of twenty, which surrounded the house giving it a special presence.

In 1968 the works of restoration and extension of the Casa Palacio, were directed by the Head of Jefe de Ornato del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Barcelona Sr. Ros de Ramis, who got a perfect and harmonious ensemble, which today houses the Club de Golf Vallromanes facilities.

Restaurant and snack bar

The Club has the Restaurant Torre Tavernera which is characterized by Mediterranean cuisine and has a daily and fixed menu.

It has a restaurant with a capacity for 90 people and two halls for banquets and events with a capacity of 300 people approximately.

In addition there is also a Snack Bar where you can go for a drink before or after a game of golf.

Another area to highlight is Hole 19, which is a terrace that is on the outside, next to the shop and reception, where you can have a cocktail or a cold drink for good weather.

Game room and TV

The room is located on the first floor, next to the Snack Bar. It is a room with sofas and television where our members see all kinds of sports, especially the golf channel and the big sporting events.

There is also another smaller room with several tables where members can play cards or chess.

Kids club

The Children’s Club offers a playful space in which the youngest members and their guests can have fun and begin to enjoy the world of golf accompanied by a team of monitors. Older adults can play golf while the younger ones learn, make friends, have fun and begin to discover for themselves the attractiveness of playing golf with children their own age.

The area has a games room, a craft and rest room, and a space for slides and ball pool.

Locker rooms

The locker rooms of Ladies and Gentlemen are located in the entrance hall very close to reception.

Both locker rooms have access to be able to go to the pool, tennis and paddle areas.

The ladies’ locker rooms consist of 240 lockers for members, a safe locker with ten compartments with a lock for personal use for the member, showers, toilets, weight scale, sauna, a shoe storage area and towel hire.

The gentlemen’s locker rooms have 504 lockers for members, washbasins, showers, towel hire, weight scale, safe locker with 10 compartments with personal lock for the member at no cost, sauna and zone with compartments to store member shoes that have cabinets for rent.


The club has a pro-shop that is located next to reception.

The brand that leads the store is Depique who has extensive experience and makes available to the players of our club a variety of clothing and quality golf equipment. Golf clubs are also rented for visitors.

Practice area

The driving range is located 150 meters from the Clubhouse and 50 meters from the putting green, tee 1 and tee 10. There are three platforms to practice on natural grass. In the rainy days there is a shed to be able to practice on artificial carpets.

The player will be able to practice from the short, medium and long strokes directed towards some greens where there are placed flags and plates of distance like reference of 50, 100, 150 and 200 meters. In the same field of practice there is a specific area for bunker practices to a green suitable for this purpose.

The partner will find the dispensing machine with more than 7,000 balls that can go with chips or with magnetic cards. There is an igloo of water to recover forces in moments of need, totally free for our partners. For all the maintenance of the same we have a person to the minute care of the details like:

  • A fully equipped vehicle specifically for collecting balls
  • Benches for rest.
  • Ashtrays for smokers.
  • Water containers for clubs cleaning.
  • Rods that hold the towel and a brush for the cleaning of sticks.
  • Some brands of tees to separate distance from where each player has to practice.

Putting Green

The putting-green is located between the tees 1 and 10 and just 100 meters from the clubhouse and 50 meters from the  from the driving range.

The wide putting-green with two platforms has 18 holes to practice the putt.

There is a large area where nowadays you can practice the short aproach to green.

Swimming Pool

The Club has a swimming pool of measures 35 meters of distance (almost Olympic measures) with a depth in the lower part of 1,20 meters and the deepest part of 2,50 meters.

For this we have a purifier that all the year round across our personal of maintenance takes care of it in such a way that both the chlorne, the PH and an automatic cleaner that performs cleaning of floors and walls be in a perfect condition all the year.

The season of opening of the swimming pool for her use is from the 15th of June to the 15th of September.

The Club is required to have an external company for the control, tracking, book records for the use of the same one in accordance with the law establishing in swimming pools both public and private.

During the period of use of swimming pool, our members will have a lifeguard for the obliged vigilance of the same one, in addition to the approved floats, first aid kit, etc.

In it our members will have garden areas with irrigation by sprinkling and some hammocks for the rest and to be able to take the sun in one of the most beautiful areas with an environment of lush forest.

It is totally prohibited the use of towel of the club in the swimming pool.

Tennis and paddle court

They are located very close to the adults’ swimming pool and for access to them from the locker rooms are scarcely 100 meters.

The paddle court that sits next to the tennis court makes our members also can practice this sport that every time, has more followers among our members.

This court offers lighting to be able to practice at night time.

Since her inauguration it has been possible to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in order that our members have a great time practicing these 2 beautiful sports.