At Club de Golf Vallromanes we are delighted to help new players discover this sport. Many times the idea of learning to play golf or become a member of a club can intimidate many new players. Our goal is for new players to lose their fear and discover this fantastic sport by investing only the time and money needed before going further into the world of Golf.

This program is designed for people who want to start playing or who have already had a first contact and want to continue learning to feel more comfortable on the course. Golf can be practiced at any age so it is never late to start, it is also a good way to make friends or to compete against oneself.

Now with our new HCP36 Program you can start at your leisure without hurry and enjoy this sport from the first day. The program combines the collective classes with a teacher on weekends with free sorties so you can learn and have fun.

The program includes a weekly golf class with a teacher preferably titled on weekends. The groups are usually small groups of between 3 and 5 people. In addition you can go out and play the course 4 times a month on any day you want from 12h. The program can last a maximum of 6 months and the monthly fee is € 135. It is not mandatory to complete the 6 months but if you do, you will receive a bonus to join as a member of the Club de Golf Vallromanes, being exempt from paying the entrance fee (650 €).

* To go to the course it is necessary that the player is registered as a federate, if you do not know how to do it in the club we help you to process the license, the cost of the federative license in Catalonia is about 90 € per year and includes Compulsory insurance that covers the player in case of accidents.

* This program is only for novice or handicap players and the club reserves the right not to admit people with a high level of play.


  • 1 Weekly golf lesson with teacher on weekends of 1h duration (groups of less than 6 people).
  • 4 Green fees per month to go out and play in the course after 12.00
  • Free access to the practice area and driving range (balls not included).

for only135€/monthWeekly golf lessons and 4 green-fees